St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School

Times Tables and Number Bonds

As a school, we recognise the importance of having a rapid recall of number bonds and times tables. We have developed schemes for helping children to learn and develop a rapid, accurate recall of these.

Our Times Table scheme can be read and downloaded here.
Our Rainbow scheme for learning mental calculations can be downloaded here.
A pack of flashcards designed to cover each of the Rainbow scheme levels can be downloaded here.
There are also many great website and apps to help children and families.

Click here for a guide to number bonds based on the new curriculum and how you can support your child with these at home.

Maths Activities
Woodlands Junior School's website is a near-legendary site with a huge range of maths games
Primary games is a site where you can try out and play some good maths games.
Helping with math is a website with some maths resources. This page leads to number line resources.
Math Playground has a wide range of simple, yet engaging maths practice games. (Some US money activities here.)
Maths Zone is a treasure house of links to maths activities.
BBC has some good maths activities. Well worth a look.
Multiplication has some interactive maths games too.