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Mental Health, Well being & Parental Support


1) Mrs Giles, our School Inclusions Manager has put together a range of resources to explain some of the strategies we use in school to help children with their emotions and gives advice for how parents can support their children, as well as their own emotions in this way at home. We hope that you find them helpful.


 Social story for managing feeling 

 Zones of Regulation 

 Calming strategies


2) Talk Together

Mrs Giles has run Talk Together events with parents, to support discussion and information sharing about how to support Mental Health and Wellbeing in their children. Please click on the two attached documents to view the information she has shared.

Supporting big emotions

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children


3) During Mental Health Awareness Week we looked at the theme of loneliness in school and discovered:

  • what loneliness is
  • how it links to our mental health
  • how we can find connections with ourselves, with others and the world around us

Please click on the link below to view a helpful guide for parents and carers on understanding loneliness and how to support children with this.

Loneliness - finding our connections to feel less lonely

Link to Children's Mental Health Week


4) Mrs Giles attended Department of Education training on Wellbeing, which has been shared with all staff.  Primary Behaviour Support have produced an excellent parent guide to support many aspects of parenting. Click link below to view the presentation.

Wellbeing Support presentation

5) Mental Wellbeing Hampshire is a partnership of organisations working to support good mental health and wellbeing in adults and children 

 Mental Wellbeing Hampshire


6) Reading of 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' by Charlie Mackesy. 

Mrs Giles has filmed herself reading this story book, which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.  There are lots of helpful messages in this story which you can take away with you, which are especially helpful in our current circumstances. 

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Book reading


7) The school nursing team has produced a family well being pack during Covid 19, in association with Barnardos

School Nursing Team Family wellbeing pack


8) The Educational Psychology Service is providing a telephone support line for staff and parents to discuss the emotional well-being of our children.  Please click below to view the details.

Telephone Support Line flyer

9) More helpful information can be found on these websites:


  • Social story: Nikki Giles, Inclusion Manager, St. James’ CE Primary School
  • Zones of Regulation Posters, Beth Reller, @kinderreller, Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Calming Strategies for Adults, biglifejournal.com


10) PoeMH: Poetry and Mental Health

The mental health of young people is a growing concern amongst schools, both locally and nationally. With many teachers and parents, noticing a rise in anxiety, depression and other emotional issues.  A recent project by The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre and the Warblington Partnership Board, a group of schools and organisations from within the central Havant area, aims to highlight some of these issues that young people face today and explore how we can begin to tackle them.

This unique project brought together students (ranging from infant through to secondary school ages) from seven local schools to work with Joseph Coelho, a fantastic published children’s author and poet. Students explored emotions that young people today feel regularly and wrote poems expressing this. These poems were the building block used to create two short films produced by professional film-production company Millstream Productions.

The films include the poetry that the young people wrote, alongside animations that bring the words to life. The message of these powerful films encourage any young person who is dealing with negative emotions to speak to an adult they trust. These films will be used as a tool to discuss the topic of Mental Health in schools and the local community.

As a result of this project and talking about mental health, these young people are now mental health ambassadors within their schools and know how to help themselves and others. Huge congratulations to the children who took part from our school.