St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School


Headteacher and Staff

The Headteacher is Mrs Erika Biddlecombe.  

She operates an open-door policy and is always keen to meet with parents.   She makes every effort to be on the playground or outside the main door of the school during the start of the day to welcome the children and at the end of the day to say ‘goodbye’: this can be a good time to catch her. However, if you need an appointment with her, it’s best to call the office and make an appointment to be sure that she is available.

It is our terrific team of teachers and teaching assistants who are responsible on a daily basis for the academic progress and pastoral care of the children.  Teachers are supported in this work by the Headteacher, Special Needs Consultant (SENCo), Teaching Assistants (TA), Admin Support Staff (Office Staff), Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants, our caretaker and  cleaning staff. 

 All teaching staff have responsibilities beyond their own class, which usually involve the whole school in some way e.g. subject responsibilities. During the school day, teachers sometimes take other classes or groups of children for a variety of subjects, enabling all children to experience tuition and relationships with a number of adults. Parents are very welcome to come and help us in our work, but as a general rule we encourage parents not to work in their own child's class.

Each day is extremely busy, and it can be difficult for staff to talk with parents about children's progress at a moment's notice. Although we recognise that emergencies do happen, and we are happy to work around them, it is best to make an appointment with your child's teacher through the office.