St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School


A school is a living community.

St. James' currently has a total complement of 240 children and over 30 adults. With such a sizeable community there must be rules and regulations to provide for the welfare and safety of all. Most rules are simple and based on common sense. They are drawn from the Core Principles which can be found in the main prospectus. The School Council were heavily involved in deciding the five rules.

The five rules in school are as follows:

1) Follow instructions first time

2) Speak and listen kindly

3) Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

4) Work quietly and sensibly

5) Treat things carefully

Our underlying philosophy of behaviour is that we expect all children to behave well, treating others in the school with kindness and respect. Children will be taught about the importance of making the best choices and about the consequences of their choices.

Children are expected to address all staff politely and by name and will be spoken to in a similar fashion. Movement about the school must be in an orderly and quiet manner. Pupils are expected to keep themselves, their possessions and school equipment in good order and return all books and equipment used to their rightful homes.

On those occasions when children misbehave the Behaviour and Discipline policy sets out sanctions that range from losing a few minutes free time to permanent exclusion.

The school will not undermine the authority of parents; it is expected all parents will be equally supportive of the school. Without this mutual respect and support, things will always be less than ideal. When school and home work closely together, virtually any problem can be overcome.

The governors have the right to exclude pupils should continued misbehaviour occur. Prior to such exclusion, every effort would be made to discuss the child's behaviour with parents and to keep behaviour under review through regular meetings. Exclusions would, in the first instance, be temporary, but continuous misbehaviour could lead to permanent exclusion.

Our Behaviour and Exclusion of Pupil Policy can be downloaded by clicking on the link.