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One of the most well-documented phenomenon in education is the fact that children who attend school regularly do the best at school.

At St James' we actively encourage children to be in school whenever possible and are largely successful in this with absence well under the national average.  However, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that this happens.

We ask parents to inform school of the reason for a child's absence as soon as possible, and no later than 9:05am on the first day of absence. Please note that if we have not heard from a parent as to the reason of absence by 9:05am our office staff will try to make contact with either parent followed by nominated emergency contacts,  If no contact is possible the police will be informed for safeguarding reasons.

Illness - Where a child is ill the school should be notified of the nature of the illness and an idea of when the child is expected to be able to resume school. A letter on return, confirming the reason for your child's absence is useful for our records. Similarly, parents should contact the school to notify us of an absence for medical/ dental appointments.

Holidays - Children have 13 weeks annual holiday from school and school holiday dates are published well in advance.  As such, all parents/carers are expected wherever possible to plan and take their family holidays at this time so as not to disrupt their children’s education. Education law states that parents do not have a right to take their child out of school for a holiday during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances may a headteacher grant permission for leave; and it is the headteachers decision on whether the absence is exceptional and how many days to approve.  See our Attendance Policy for clarification on this matter.

Parents/carers who take their child out of school without the absence being agreed and authorised by written permission from the school can be issued with a penalty fine.

 Please use the link below to view the 'Request for Authorise Absence' form which must be submitted in advance of any planned absence from school.

Request for Absence Form