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Loving Learning, Loving Life, Loving God's World.

Our Vision

Inspired by our Christian values, our caring and inclusive learning community will: 

  • Empower individuals with resilience, mutual respect and the ability to embrace change.
  • Enthuse life-long learning and nurture aspirations.
  • Encourage everyone to value and celebrate each other.

School Values

In our loving, Christian school community, we uphold and actively promote these values.


Truth - Valuing the truth and being honest with each other and with ourselves.

Justice - Treating everyone fairly whether we know them or not.

Equality - Understanding that we are all equal, with different strengths and different things to learn.

Humility - Knowing who we really are, without pride, and willing to put others first.


Forgiveness - Choosing to let the actions of the past stay there and not allow them to continue hurting us.

Compassion - Thinking how other people might feel and doing all we can to help them.

Kindness - Being friendly, warm-hearted and thoughtful.

Gratitude - Appreciating what we have, thanking others and being generous.


Aspiration - Having a dream, a goal or an ambition.

Determination - Working hard to achieve something worthwhile, overcoming any problems or difficulties.

Courage – Facing challenges, difficulties or problems bravely and with self-control.

Creativity – Thinking of new ideas and making them happen in lots of ways.

Loving Learning, Loving Life,
Loving God's World.