St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School



Meet the Staff Team for 2018 - 2019

We are privileged to have such a great team of teachers, teaching assistants (TAs), higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs), lunchtime supervisors (LSAs), administrative and premises support staff.



Miss Pearce-Haydon

Head Teacher


Mrs Herniman

Admin Officer

               Mrs Lavender

             Admin Assistant

         Mrs Andrew

      Finance Officer

Mrs Giles

Inclusion manager - SENCo, Pupil Premium, EAL, designated teacher for LAC

Mrs Brightwell

Part-time ELSA


Lions Class

       Mrs Sparshatt

      Lions Teacher

   Early Years Leader

                  Mrs Cook

               Lions Teacher



Mrs Gilbert

Lions TA

Lions PPA cover

Mrs Tandy

Lions PPA cover


Tigers Class


Miss Lambton

Tigers Teacher

Key Stage 1 Leader

Mrs Tandy

Tigers TA

Tigers PPA / management cover




Jaguars Class


Miss Herman

Jaguars Teacher

Mrs Spencer

Jaguars TA

Mrs Brightwell

Jaguars PPA cover 


Panthers Class



Mrs Walsh

Panthers Teacher

Mrs Wedlock

Panthers TA

Mrs Tandy

Panthers PPA cover


Chameleons Class



Mrs Barr

Year 3 Teacher

                 Mrs Moretti

Year 3 TA

Year 3 PPA cover


Year 4


Mrs Swift

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Seery

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Hugo

Year 4 TA

Year 4 PPA cover  


Year 5



Mr Hall

Year 5 Teacher

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Collins

Year 5 TA



Mrs Parfoot

Year 5 TA

Mrs Walker

Year 5 PPA / management cover


Year 6


Mr Bradshaw

Year 6 Teacher

KS2 Leader

              Mrs de Salis

                Year 6 TA

Miss Boyns

Year 6 PPA / management cover


Other Staff


Mrs Scarborough

1:1 SEN support / LSA

Mrs Agnew

1:1 SEN support / Senior LSA

Mrs Dolling

1:1 SEN support


Mr Roberts


Mrs Pinnell

Music Teacher


Miss Harris


Mrs Hunt





Mrs Jeffrey


Mrs Foster



Mrs Grout

Kitchen Team

Mrs Grey 

Kitchen Team