St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School

St James' - A Church School

A Warm Welcome to the School from St James’ Church

We are delighted to say there are very strong links between St James’ Church and St James’ School and we are fully committed to supporting the Staff and Governors in their excellent work with the children.  In particular, we work with the Staff to help the children grow to their full potential, developing not only in mind and body, but also in spirit.  We do this through regular assemblies, school services in church and class visits, all of which are designed to help the children develop a greater moral and spiritual awareness.  We believe that as the children grow to understand more of God’s love for them and their unique place in the world, they develop a growing sense of security, significance and self-worth which enables them to thrive both now and also in their lives ahead.  Since many of the parents and children are also part of our Church, this adds a greater vibrancy to all that we do and makes both St James’ School and St James’ Church exciting communities to be a part of.