St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School

The Orchard Muslim Faith Primary School


Our link and friendship with The Orchard Muslim Faith Primary School in London started back in 2011 and continues to strengthen.  


Children from our year 5 class visited The Orchard Primary School and enjoy a wonderful day partnering up with children of the same age.  The children discussed comparisons between living in Streatham and Emsworth. Our children then observed Salah (prayers) and listened to some of the children talking about what it means to be a Muslim and the principles of Islam.  Our children then enjoyed an Arabic taster session and had their names translated into Arabic to take home.  A visit to the colourful and vibrant Brixton market followed where our children saw the wonderful range of exotic fruit and vegetables for sale on the market stalls. 


When the children from The Orchard Primary visited us we guided them around our local village with a treasure hunt sheet to search for local landmarks and geographical features.  A packed lunch on the beach, listening to the birds and watching the boats come in is another highlight. Our visitors then have the opportunity to observe a typical St James' collective worship with a Christian ethos and our children gave a presentation on Christianity.


The value of these visits is enormous and the children take away many precious memories and in between visits contact is kept going via emails from class to class.