St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School


General communication between school and home is through our texting system and via a weekly newsletter.

This is sent home in paper form but can be received too by email. Ask at the office to go on the list. Information from home concerning absences, dentists’ visits, holidays etc should either be telephoned or sent by sealed letter, with the name of the relevant member of staff clearly displayed.

At the start of each term, parents are invited to a Curriculum News meeting, where an outline of the term’s learning is presented by the class teacher. These happen at 3:00, in the child’s classroom, with the children present.

In the autumn and spring term, consultation evenings are held when parents, with or without their children, can talk to their child’s teacher, view work, review targets and receive information about their child’s general progress and attitude. This will include information regarding the assessment procedures e.g. Foundation Stage Profile during the Reception year. A written report is issued at the end of the school year. Parents are welcome to make comments about the reports either in writing or through meeting the class teacher.

In addition, there are informal events (concerts, plays, etc.) when parents can meet staff, as well as occasions organised by the St. James’ Association (Parents’ Association).